Cretan Chorta Salad

chorta-green-saladCretan Chorta Salad – Wild Leafy Greens Recipe
@ All Greek Salads


  • Radikia (Wild dandelions)
  • or Spinach
  • or Dandelion
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon
  • Salt

Cretan Chorta Salad Directions:

These are blanched, boiled and served lukewarm or cold, dressed with olive oil and lemon, and is greatly esteemed. Most taverna offers a hórta salad, though this may be one of vlita or radikia, which are usually cultivated greens. Radikia is also the name used for wild dandelions.

Nutritional Information for Cretan Chorta Salad:

The Greeks believe that wild hórta (leaf vegetables) is of great therapeutic value in kidney ailments, and in taverna they will ask for a glass of the water in which it has been cooked.


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