Japan: Omurice

Moto’s Kitchen: Recipe 16 – Omurice

Today in Moto’s Kitchen we’re going to learn how to make Omurice! This popular dish, notorious in maid cafe’s, is an interesting and delicious take on the western omelette. With a base of fried rice, chicken and ketchup, the dish is topped with a simple egg omelette. Eat this tasty dish anytime throughout the day!

What you need:

Rice – 2 cups cooked (warm or cold)
Chicken Thigh – 1/2 lb cut into cubes
Onion – 1 cup chopped
Ketchup – 3 tbsp or so
Eggs – 3 eggs to make the omelette
Oil – canola oil for frying

Start by prepping all the ingredients. Have 2 cups of cooked rice ready, this can either be just cooked or day old cooked rice from the refrigerator. Put oil into a pan that has been heating up. Next add the chicken and begin cooking cooking until nicely brown and cooked through. Add the rice and mix together with the chicken. Once well mixed, add/squeeze on the ketchup (3 tbsp or so, depending on taste). Incorporate well and cook the chicken through. Once done, you can plate the rice, Moto’s technique is to use a bowl to form the ketchup-rice mixture into a bowl shape on the plate. Next move onto making a simple omelette. Mix three eggs with salt, pepper and any other ingredient you’d like if you want fluffier eggs. Heat pan with oil and add the eggs (pan needs to be hot to prevent sticking). Quickly cook, leave the eggs somewhat runny and gooey. Once done, carefully move the omelette from the pan onto the top of the rice so that it covers the rice thoroughly. Adjust with spatula/utensils if necessary to create a better looking omurice. Finally, decorate with ketchup with your favorite designs on top, be creative!


There are a variety of ways to plate the omurice, two of the most popular are to first plate the rice and then top/blanket the rice with the omelette. The second is to wrap the rice in the omelette for a more traditional look, this method requires a bit more skill.

Even without the omelette, the ketchup/rice mixture makes a tasty meal, so feel free to eat simply as a fried rice dish!

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