Warmed Avocado with Bonne Bouche

Warmed Avocado with Bonne Bouche

Happiness Is a Ripe Avocado


1/3 of a piece of Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery Bonne Bouche, cut into four equal-sized wedges
1 medium-sized, ripe avocado
1 tbsp. of lime juice
Little pinches of La Boîte à Epice N. 22 Cataluña blend


Place a rack in the second position from the top in your oven. Turn your broiler on low.
Halve the avocado and take the pit out by whacking the center of the pit with a sharp, non-serrated knife. The knife should pierce the pit by a few centimeters and then you can easily twist the pit out.
Sprinkle the avocado halves with sea salt so it’s lightly coated. Be sure to get some flakes into the well of the pit, too.
Carefully pour lime juice over an avocado half; your goal it to melt the salt with a thin layer of lime juice. I found that it works best to coat one half first and then pour the excess lime juice from one half over the other, then back and forth until the salt disappears into the avocado’s flesh.
Place two wedges of Bonne Bouche on each avocado half, and broil for 5 to 8 minutes. Check the avocado after 3 minutes, though, just to make sure the cheese hasn’t already melted down. You want to just color the edges of the avocado flesh a terracotta hue and soften the cheese, not melt it.
Remove the avocados from the oven when done and sprinkle the tops with the Cataluña spice blend, one of my secret-weapon finishing ingredients that gives off a provocative ambrosia of smoked cinnamon and pimenton.
Serve on a saucer with a spoon.


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