Romanian Savory Cheese Pie

Savory Cheese Pie Savory Cheese Pie (Plăcintă cu Brânză)

Amazing recipe indeed 🙂


2 cups feta cheese
500 ml ricotta cheese
1 egg
4 pieces puff pastry
fresh dill (optional)


Grate the feta cheese in a bowl and mix with ricotta cheese and egg. The reason I add ricotta cheese is so that the pie doesn’t end up being too salty, so the mixture is half feta and half ricotta.
Roll out your puff pastry and spread 1/4 of the cheese mixture then roll up the dough. Repeat with remainder of puff pastry, brush with egg wash and poke holes in each pastry with a fork.
Bake in the oven at 375 F degrees for about an hour or until deep golden brown. Note, you do not have to butter the baking sheet, the puff pastry has plenty of butter in it so it will not stick.


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